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Imagine Blogging and loving every minute of it

having fun while blogging

Can having a Blog be fun?

Have you ever started something new and exciting that put you into a very positive mindset? Yes, we all know that positive feeling when you can't wait to do something and all other things surrounding you fades away as insignificant. You feel like a child the night before Christmas and the next morning seems to be so far away.

Don't you wish everything in life could be something that generates this positive feeling? Unfortunately, we deal with a lot of unpleasant situations that are out of her hands in our daily life. We don't look forward to dealing with unpleasant situations but to get a result we have to do it

How is Blogging different from a normal day job? 

Blogging is different and being a blogger can be a very satisfying hobby if you are doing it in the right frame of mind. Doing it for the right reasons is the key to enjoying what you are doing. Don't worry about toxic people with negative thoughts as the web makes it very easy to shut out this part of your audience.

That's right how nice is it to just bump somebody off when you don't want to listen to their negativity?
For you to turn your blowing experience into an enjoyable adventure you have to do it for the right reason. That is why it is so important to know what you are very passionate and knowledgeable about. This will keep the blog flames burning very high as you put your energy and experience into the content and topics you will be presenting.

How do I know what will make me a happy Blogger? 

Do people call you snappy happy every time you lift your camera to take a photo? Don't worry about it if that is what you are passionate about it can be the ideal situation to start a blog. You can show all your pictures off to other people who like to look at them and even want to buy them from you. Fun photos can become your niche and very soon people will know where to find them.

Or maybe you are a carpenter and enjoy woodworking. There are many do-it-yourself enthusiasts on the web that will always be looking for ideas on how to create beautiful things from wood. It can be a very profitable field to be in and there are many options available for making an income.

Are you a stay at home mum that can offer other mothers advice on how to cook or run a business at the same time? There are many communities generated on the web where similar minded people get together and share ideas.

You can make real friends on the web if you are in the right places.

But you still wanna know how do you enjoy blogging in such a positive manner? There are a few rules or pointers follow in order to make your blogging experience a pleasant one?

What can I do to have a happy Blogging experience?

  • Make sure you select a niche that you are passionate about. It will help you to remain faithful to your blog and your audience if you love what you are talking about.
  • Visit other bloggers and make friends. As we already said you can be selective and making friends with positive people which will help you to have the same positive outlook on your blog.
  • Ignore criticism unless you know where it is coming from and it can assist you in becoming a better blogger.
  • Be organized and know what your next step will be before you even make it.
  • Keep track of what you have done already and how your audience reacted to it.
  • Respond to positive comments in your comment section so you can build relationships.
  • Get enough rest and don't let it become hard to do the task. Making it difficult for will take away the enjoyable experience so keep it simple.

When will I know I'm a happy Blogger?

Once you have things under control and you are confident in what you are doing you will find your blogging experience will just become better. You create your own excitement through the actions you are planning and you will find very soon you can't wait for the next morning to pull off your next post.

That is when you know that you are enjoying blogging and the excitement, creativity, and knowledge it is bringing you. This is also when you accept the advice given by other bloggers and the fun becomes the experimentation to achieve a successful blog.

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6 Sure Fire Ways To Find Out What Blogging Is Really Like

What blogging is like

Are you ready to become a Blogger?

Before you jump into the deep end you might like to find out more about blogging. Sometimes it is wise to do some research before you go on to a new adventure. I'm not trying to put you off blogging but blogging is definitely not for everyone. It is available for everyone but not everybody can do it and enjoy it.

Most bloggers start off at a furious pace just to after short while find out that they really do not enjoy blogging. Blogging is hard work and most net users presume that it is an easy task, therefore, they are very willing starters and sometimes coerced into thinking that it is as simple as being able to type.

This is not true as you will find out by doing a bit of research about how other bloggers got there and how they feel about it. Find out more about the journey of becoming a successful blogger and put yourself in their shoes.

How will I know if I also can enjoy Blogging? 

You too can be a successful blogger but what I'm saying is that you must make sure that you can enjoy it at the same time. There are a few ways that you can research the world of blogging before you start, so let's look at what you have to focus on in order to be clear on what will be expected from you as a blogger.

Remember there are basically two factors that will determine how good you will be as a blogger. These two factors are: 

  • Content 
  • Time 

This will be the two areas where you are going to suffer the most as a blogger and before you start you must know that you can cope with the demands. Take these two factors and then visit other bloggers to find out had time and content has kept them busy over the years.

We have seen by now that creating and presenting content is taking up most of your time as a blogger. Here again, we can look at content and say that there are four phases of finalizing content on your blog namely finding content, assess uniqueness of content, visual preparation of content, and finally the display of content to the audience.

Have a look at other bloggers handle each of these phases and then decide if you have the time and the patience to do the same. Yes, you will get better and quicker with each phase as you gain experience but will you enjoy it is the question? Remember being a blogger is a long-term commitment if you are going to be serious and want to make money from it.

The second factor that will affect the success of a blogger is time and time and some more time. Please let's first make a distinction between blogging as a pure hobby and starting to blog in order to turn it into a profitable business

When it comes to time I'm talking here about the latter because personal blogs run purely as a hobby does not need the same time and effort as a professional money-making blog.

A professional money-making blog does require a significant amount of time to be put into it and if you can not blog on a daily basis you are not going to create the audience you require to make some money. The money-making blog requires continuous attention in order to make sure things are running smoothly.

I still think I can do some serious Blogging 

Running your block requires research, content creation, visual presentation, search engine optimization and maintenance of other aspects of your blog. Ask yourself if you have time for all of this in between your day job and decide where you will make time for each aspect of blogging.

This is where determination comes in and if you would like to continue as a part-time blogger please do so as it is a very rewarding hobby. As a person who is doing a full day job, it is stress relieving to get home and give an outing to your creative side. 

Some people sit down and watch television while others will go and do exercise or even paint. Blogging can be your way of relaxing it is just a matter of planning and making time for each aspect. Connect with other bloggers and see how they cope with juggling part-time blogging with real-life pressures. 

Being successful at it depends on the person doing it but at the end of the day it can be done and is for everyone. Here are six ways you can determine for yourself if you are cut-out for blogging.

Six ways of finding out what Blogging is about

To find out what blogging is really like we are going to do one post a day for a week without getting too technical.

  1. Research and find content for one post.
  2. Rewrite and prepare the content to end up with between 500 and 750 words.
  3. Decide and find the graphic or graphics you will add to your post.
  4. Add labels, keywords, picture tags and other SEO requirements to your post.
  5. Post it and market the post to at least 5 other channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  6. Do maintenance by checking stats at least three times a day and tweak where possible. Backup posts and update your Blogging records so you can keep track of what you are doing.

After your first week double up and see how the pressure increases. Do this exercise up until you reach three posts a day and see how you cope. Now that you know your limit you can start blogging with the correct expectations.

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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Five steps to solve your blogging problem

5 Ways of solving blog problems

Your blogging nightmare

You wake up in the morning and you look at the stats for your blog. Yes, ten thousand views last night you think to yourself and smile. No actually laugh. You laugh because everything you see is the possibility of cash in the bank.

That is everybody's dream but unfortunately, most of us have to work very hard to achieve any success with our blog. Most of us struggle to get ten views a day and give up in the first five posts. 

You might feel that after doing all the research and taking advice on content creation you are still banging your head against the wall.

Still, nobody is looking in your direction and instead of looking at what you are missing or lacking you are ready to give up. Believe me, it is no fun giving up if you don't know why you are giving up or what you are giving up for.

Don't give up on your blog yet. Here is how to recover 

So before you give up let's have a look if you have checked all points and make sure you have covered all basis. The best way to do this is to break down the blogging process into various sections and then scrutinize each to see how efficient you have done your part.

Step 1: Blog layout 

Have a look at your blog layout and see how user-friendly it is for visitors. Are all your ads sitting in an area where it is nonobstructive? Are the colors of your blog page encouraging enough to keep readers on your blog? Can the reader easily find what he is looking for? Have a look and see if there's anything on your block that would've annoyed you if you were a visitor? Whatever you find, change it immediately as it will already be an improvement.

Step 2: Blog content 

Is your content interesting enough to keep readers coming back? Do you have enough variety in your content that covers the niche that you are presenting? Did you look at the other sites covering the same subject and see if you have anything special to offer that others don't? If you were a newbie at your niche would you be able to increase the knowledge you require by reading your blog? If you feel that your own block can't teach you anything then improve.

Step 3: Headlines and keywords 

As with the layout of your blog, it is important to have catchy headlines that contain keywords. Headlines are what readers can see when they first land on your page and if they do not see anything interesting they will move on. Open your page and see what catches your eye first. Is what you see the reason why you want the reader on your blog? The quality of your headlines also determines if readers can find you in search engines. Do some more homework on creating quality headlines and what visually attacks readers.

Step 4: Graphics and other visual content 

How good is your graphics? Is it visually appealing to your audience? Is it original and related to your niche? Does your graphics tie in with the story you are telling? Did you tag all your graphics to assist in search engine optimization? If possible do you have infographics on your blog?

Step 5: Audience retention 

Are you doing enough to keep the visitors on your blog and make them want to come back for more? Have you got a comment section and do you respond to your readers? Are you connecting with your audience? Have you got a subscription service for those who like to stay informed? Do you know enough about your audience to know what they are looking for?

Feel better about your blogging 

We can now see that there are many things that can go wrong and these 5 are just some of it. You can sit and break down your block process even further to get down to the nitty-gritty of blogging. 

This will enable you to ensure that you have looked at all aspects and make continuous improvement to your blog. As you already know many bloggers who achieve success has been at it for a very long time.

Giving up is not part of the blogging process and having an audience of ten thousand might not even be the main reason why you started blogging in the first place. So why stop now because you can also join those classy bloggers ten years from now because of your perseverance. 

By then you would have all the experience in the world and have built up a significant database of content for your visitors.

Don't expect to reap rewards immediately bet rather work on getting better and building bigger. All good things will happen in good time and at the end of the day, your audience will love you for it. 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

5 Places you can find quick content for your blog

Finding topics for your blog

Finding the right content for your Blog

As we have previously seen finding content for your blog can be an enormous task. You will get to a stage where you think you have said everything that can be said about the topic that you are providing to your audience. This is not true there is always something new that the audience is looking for.

Today we are going to look at a few options that you have at your disposal when you are not sure what to write about.

Remember you have to be innovative otherwise you will become just as boring as all the other thousands of sites that might have the same topic as you. Doing research on the web will also show you that most of the information you get is very similar.

How can I present quality content on my Blog? 

To break out of this habit it is not only important to know where to look for ideas but also how to expand on what you have already seen. This is where experience comes in as not all blog writers have the same life experiences. 

Somewhere out there, there is somebody that had experience and is looking for somebody with a similar experience and information on how you have handled the situation.

5 Places to find your content 


Pinterest has a wide variety of experiences that are shared by millions of users. Search through the various topics that it presents and you are sure to find something that you can tie in with your topic. 

To be different, look for something that is not related to what you are writing about but can be re-imaged into applying your knowledge and skills.

This will put a new twist on what is already out there. In this way, you can make your new blog entry interesting and once the audience can see your topic from a different perspective it will make them come back for more. 

Take note what are the popular Pinterest boards and you will know what web travelers are looking for.


A simple way of finding topics is to type in your collection of keywords into the search engine. Notice what other bloggers and websites are offering in relation to your topic but don't stick to your top ranks as most of the time these are paid for.

It is true that most people doing a Google search do not get past page number two but you will find that there is an abundance of information lying in pages ten and upwards.

These sites normally belong to people like you and me who has a lot of experience and knowledge which they just would like to share without compensation. Ideas from these searches can be redeveloped in your own way and presented to your specific audience.


There are hundreds of eBooks that are freely available on the web and can be downloaded without an effort. It will be good for you to obtain some of these and read through them while making notes on how certain topics might spike the interest of your audience.

Through reading eBooks you will also find that there are many aspects of your niche that you might have overlooked or downplayed as not important. This is now the time where you can expand and build your overall knowledge base.


I myself can spend hours on YouTube listening to others on various topics. Not only will this give you ideas on what to write about but it will also enhance your skills as a blogger. When the time is right you might want to follow the same route as some of these skillful bloggers.

I have found that every video I view will leave me with plenty of ideas of what to do next. By collecting these ideas and then at a later stage doing some brainstorming will provide you with content for many days to come. A blogger will never have too many ideas for content as sooner or later you will experience writer's block and these are ideal to kickstart your thinking process.

Readers comments

Not only the reader's comments on your own blog will give you further ideas but browsing similar topics of other bloggers will provide you with a treasure chest full of ideas. One thing we have learned is that commenters are not shy to say what they think.

Analyzing these comments will not only give you ideas for topics and content but it will also indicate what the audience is looking for. From the comments, you can also establish what they like and what they will reject as poor content.

Well, now that we know where to look for quick content it is time to hit the web and see if we can rack up a few ideas. Make a list of these ideas and apply your keywords to make banging headlines that will attract readers.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

eBook Writing for Non writers

Publishing your eBook for profit

I Don't like writing but have an idea

Don't like or do not have the time to write an eBook. No problem. This book will provide you with the guidelines to make your ideas become an eBook you can sell for profit. 85 Pages of information.


How to select a great topic
Where to find great writers
How to choose the best writer for your project
Where to find a great artist to create your cover art
How to sell your eBook on the web
Where to find good online eBook information

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The three basic rules of making money with your blog

basic rules of monetizing your blog

Going through all the technical jargon when deciding to turn your writing hobby into an online enterprise can be a daunting task. I have been through the cycle and decided to make life easier for you by doing all the research and provide you with the best selection of eBooks to shed some light on the path ahead.

A new writer can easily be distracted by all the information on the world wide web. Keep in mind making money writing and especially from a blog is hard work and needs total dedication so eating time trying to figure it all out is not worth it.

Browse available eBooks

After going through the tonnes of information there are three basic steps in making money through blogging. 

  • Setting up your blog.
  • Marketing your blog.
  • Monetizing your blog.
The setting up of a blog is the easy part. My best advice here is to be patient as creating captivating content can be time-consuming. My advice is to do your planning well before jumping straight into it. Know what you want to write about and how you will benefit your audience with your input.

When do I start monetizing my blog?

Remember at a later stage you will start getting distracted by all the jargon around you. Remain focused and do what you set out to do in the first place. Start writing your articles long before you set up your blog it makes it easier to collect content to publish at a later stage.

As a self-starter with no knowledge, I use Blogger due to the ease of use for beginners. There are many other places you can set up your blog but once again it depends on your end goal. It is also easy to switch later on as you become more active and you gained more knowledge on how the writing game works.

After you have taken your first steps in setting up the blog and filling it with some quality content it is time to tell the world you are out there. 

This is where the hard work starts and you realize your hobby is becoming a full-time job. Without marketing your blog you will soon be talking to yourself. 

Remember the main idea is to draw an audience from which you can earn an income later on. Once you have traffic you will have a chance to monetize.

There are many ways you can earn money via your blog but once again you need people to know you are there. How you make money will depend on your strategy. Do you want it to be a passive income or do you want it to turn into a full-time online business?  

All eBooks are in PDF format for now and offered at an affordable price. I will also provide a set of links to websites that give practical and useful information.

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Gaining knowledge before creating your blog

the art of blog research

What do I need to know before I start my blog?

Starting out you will come across a lot of technical terms, advice, and suggestions. The main question is - Do I need to know all this? My advice is no you don't need to be an expert when you start out but it is helpful to know what can be achieved and how to achieve it.

Starting out you will need to know:
  • What will I specialize in?
  • What is the best layout for my blog?
  • What is the best way to present my content?
  • What is legal and what is not?
  • How do search engines work?
  • How will I boost traffic to my site?
  • How will I market my blog?
  • How can I make sure my blog is organized?
  • When will I do all this?

There are just so many options around that my advice is to read up a lot and gain the knowledge to do things right the first time. Look at it as self-training before jumping in blindly.

Where will I find good advice for blogging?

The web is full of resources on blogging and specifically writing. Look at as many blogs as you can and note the popularity. See what it is that draws the crowds and even better look at how the content is presented.

Ignore all the advertising, external links and other distractions on the blog. That is all side stuff you will learn about later. For now, the aim is to notice what grabs the attention on the content itself.

Look and join writing forums, download some topic-specific eBooks or read through dozens of articles related to what you are looking for. Following my advice will get you into a good position to start blogging the simple way. By doing this you would've gained enough knowledge to start and the rest will come from experience.

The web is loaded with free advice and knowledge but doesn't get sidetracked at this point or you will end up in madhouse mode. Decide what suits you and discard the rest to your "Maybe later" file.

What is the difference between blog posts and creative writing?

There is not much difference between the two. It is all creative writing and it is just the format it is presented in that makes the difference. To maintain a blog and provide constant content it requires a lot of creativity.

With writing eBooks or novels you will have a structured layout and you will have an idea where you will start, where the story will peak and what is waiting in the end. With blogging, you will have a specific idea and although each post needs to contain certain elements you will never know where it will end.

Writing blog posts is a constant guessing game on how your readers will react and how you will get them coming back for more. Very few blogs have lifelong followers and most rely on daily visits from random readers. If you have a decent following after a few months you are on the right track keep going but remain innovative.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Finding your niche for blogging

Topics for bloggers

As you must realize by now planning your blog is crucial and this blog was written so you can eliminate time-wasting errors and get on with the job. Don't write just for the sake of writing. I will try and work through step by step to get the planning done and get you into writing as soon as possible.

Finding your niche or theme for your blog

It all starts by knowing what you want to share with the world out there. You have some would be bloggers that are fortunate as they know what it is they want to share with others. But before you start to have a look at which type of blogger you want to be.
  • A casual blogger who wants to share personal experiences on a variety of topics.
  • A casual blogger who wants to share information as a hobby on a specific topic.
  • A blogger who wants to blog to enhance your already existing business.
  • A blogger who has extensive knowledge on a specific topic who wants to blog for profit.
Do a bit of soul searching before you start your blog as it can either be fun or hard work depending on which of the above you intend to be three months from now.

I want to be a casual blogger blogging for fun

Sharing your personal experiences can be satisfying if you have a variety of topics. Just keep in mind the blogger in this category will rely on accidental traffic. It does not mean you will not be noticed as later on, you will learn how to use keywords and Search Engine Optimisation to make your blog visible.

It also depends on what you are sharing and how often. If it is a once off, road trip in a foreign country it might be a topic many will enjoy. Travel, food, and entertainment will remain favorites among browsers especially if they intend having the same experience soon.

These blogs do not often receive repeat visitors due to the changing content. Most online visitors look for topics that can provide answers to specific questions they have.

I want to be a casual blogger blogging on a specific topic

Some bloggers might be happy just to blog about something they are passionate about and like to share with others. There is no wish from the blogger to get rich from it but it is rather like bragging that they can do it and you can't.

Once again it depends on the topic and how readers relate to your passion about it. It doesn't mean if you like collecting baby shoes and show off your collection people will not look at your posts. depending on your level of expertise you might even have repeat visits.

Remember there are many on-line browsers that are looking for ideas to steal and improve on. If they find baby shoes is a good idea they might follow you to see what is next. Here we think of hobbies and the difference between just sharing and making it a niche is the level of commitment you are willing to put into the topic.

I want to start a blog that will support my business

This type of blogger already has either an online or physical business off-line that needs to be supplemented with a blog. The purpose of this exercise will be to make use of the blogger's ability to post and share content at an ongoing pace without affecting the official website.

Because of the summarised information of articles many readers prefer to browse through a blog than to spend a long period sifting through your website. It is easier to put noticeable content on a blog than on an official business site.

Web surfers have become lazy and like to see information at a glance. For example how many people will make it to page two or three of your website? Page three might be the product page you would like to show off but the viewer already got distracted on page one and moved on.

With a blog, this product can be upfront if that is the main purpose of your blog. Summarised information on the service you provide can be seen in a scan of the eye before the visitor wants to move on.

I want to make money with my blog

This option is for serious bloggers but you don't have to start off as one. The purpose of these type of blogs is normally based on expert advice sharing and a sustainable flow of information on specific topics. In other words, it is something others look for in order to improve or expand their knowledge.

It is important to find the one thing you are passionate about as it will motivate you to keep it going for a long time. That is what is needed to build a solid blog with potential income properties. Content and passion.

Making some money from your blog very seldom falls into the category of "Quick Cash". It is a lot of constant hard labor. We all know the saying output equals input and it has never been truer than in the case of blogging. 

Remember unless you sell something from your blog that is unique you are dependent on affiliates to make some money. The only way to do this is to create traffic flow to your blog. That is where the hard work comes in and marketing becomes your main aim instead of your passion for writing.

Buy or get free eBooks

Preparing to do some blogging

Before you start blogging

How to prepare yourself to start blogging

  • Gain knowledge
  • Plan
  • Set up
  • Collect content
  • Gain more knowledge
  • Post, post and post some more
  • Be patient

In the first posts, you have either felt the pain of my experience or shared the experience yourself. Don't worry it wasn't all for nothing and can be helpful in feature attempts to a restart. If you are totally new to it then this might alleviate some of your growing pains but be prepared to be disappointed often during your journey to make some sense.

Looking back now the more logical route is just common sense and part of our daily life so why not apply it now.

I am by no means an expert on blogging and will probably never be as it takes a lot of time and endurance and I have neither of the two. I do however find writing relaxing and a very enjoyable hobby. Do I mind that very few people read my blogs? Not at all as I am doing it because I like it.

Yes, it is possible to dive in and wing it but will you enjoy it as much as real storytellers and writers do? Before you start blogging to ask yourself the following questions.

Questions to ask yourself before you start writing

  • Do I have something to share with others that can attract their interest?
  • Do I enjoy writing for long periods of time?
  • Do I have a passion for gaining knowledge through web research?
  • Will I have enough to share to keep my blog going for a long time?
  • Am I doing it for pleasure or profit?
  • Most important do you have the time on a daily basis to keep it going?

These are the most common questions to ask yourself but believe me, through the process you will come up with many others. It is part of the process of learning and self-doubt will be your biggest companion.

There are many ways but it comes with experience and learning from others. For the writer, there are many resources out there but in the end, it comes down to willpower and endurance. You can have the fanciest resources around you but if you don't feel like it at the time nothing will be written.

How can I make blogging easier?

By following my advice I can not only hope to make things a little easier but also as a motivator to keep going. Most writers soon realize they are not the only ones and joining groups of writers can be motivational in itself.

Remember it is human nature to think you know it all and most are not shy to let you know it. By frequenting such groups you will gain good and bad advice but luckily you can decide what is useful information.

I must say the advice was better than what you get on motoring forums. Take for instance a question on a motoring forum such as "My motor makes a rattling sound when I switch the vehicle off? What can I look for?" Two hundred comments later and you would've stripped the whole vehicle, replaced all engine and body parts. You can probably end up rebuilding it into a totally different model than you started off with. The good news is that the rattle will be gone but at what cost and effort.

Blogging becomes easier with time and as you get more organized you will find more time to do other things such as marketing your blog.

leadership skills ebooks

What is blogging and can I do it?

bloging for everyone

Many people who are new to the internet come across plenty of websites and social media that hint at running a Blog as being the ultimate money maker on the web. Many of us will immediately jump into the deep end and slap together a Blog because that's the easy part.

The real steps of setting up a Blog

Now what? I have set up my blog, picked a nice name, tweaked all the settings even though I'm not sure what all this jargon means. It is now time to put something on there that will make sense but already you suffer from a severe case of writer's block.

A quick browse of the web for ideas and you are now more confused than ever. Ok, I must find my niche and further browsing makes you ponder what your niche is. You give up and come back after a few days convinced you found your niche.

Further browsing reveals that whatever you want to say has mostly been said and you feel like you can't contribute any further. You decide to go for it anyway and tap away at your keyboard pouring your knowledge out into your first post.

Waiting to see traffic to your post

Checking at least every hour to see how many views you had and who shared your post can eat up some time. After the first week, you see no response and wonder what went wrong. Three or four views with no shares or even a mention.

You write another post thinking the first one was not good enough and wait again. Still a poor or no response. Back to the drawing board and you start spending a lot of time browsing the web to find out where you are going wrong.

Marketing your Blog

A-ha you think by now. The key is in marketing my blog so everybody will know about it and you read up trillions of articles on how to market your blog.

You spend at least two or free weeks joining social media networks, discussion forums and other places you think people interested in your topic will hang out.

You will also join websites to create backlinks, list your blog address or check keyword generators. You will soon feel like an expert in SEO and return to blogging like a professional writer.

Content for your Blog is the key

Oops! Still not much and you feel like giving it up so that the Seth Gordon guy you read about can have it all. It is here that you start realizing that you need a lot of good content and it must be good. It does not need to be new but it needs to be different.

You start thinking more clearly about the whole journey and start planning your approach to better content. Now you have seen the light and you can start looking at other blogger's content. Study the way they represent it and how they share their knowledge.

You can now write better content and you can feel you have more structure in your madness. You find out that big successful blogs get people to write for them and you are on your own. Well done you have just come to realize that you are in for a rough journey.

Monetizing your Blog

Already you have more confidence even though your views have not moved upwards much. I can do this you think in anticipation of traffic rolling in and start searching for affiliates that will pay you for clicks, views, and purchases.

Still, nothing much happens and you were so busy "making money" that you didn't notice most affiliates won't even look at you if you don't generate at least ten thousand views per month.

Not a problem you think. I only need to get another 9900 views to my site and I'm in business. After six months of time well spend and writing at least two posts a day you give up and do something else.

What if my Blog fails?

So what if your blog fails to make you millions. You have just spent a good time doing the hard work in learning that blogging is for anyone with a will to succeed and a passion for writing. 

The purpose of blogging is to share useful information with others who need it. Think back and recall how many articles you have gone through in the last couple of months and what you've learned from that.

Well done you have found the purpose of blogging and if it is meant for you is up to you and your creativity. The web is overloaded with information and the difference is the presentation which comes from experience.

You cannot fail in blogging but you can gain experience in failing time and again. Most successful bloggers have been at it for years before they made money. A bit like the music industry. You make that one song that starts a frenzy and makes you famous, you have a one hit wonder that does not last long or you persist as a middle of the road artist and live forever.


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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Gaining the power of Blogging

Learning the basics of becoming a Blogger

Blogging has been around for a very long time and its popularity is growing by the day. Many of us have seen this as an opportunity to put our creativity to the test and started a Blog. As with anything new, most of us struggled our way through this journey and still has a long way to go. The only thing we have learned so far is that it is not an easy journey.

Who can create a blog?

Although there are two different types of Bloggers anyone can start a Blog for whatever reason they can find. The most common Bloggers you will find are:

The ones who are blogging for personal reasons. 
And the others blog to market a product or information.

Whatever the reasons are, all of us hope to attract an audience that will benefit from information or product. For the personal blogger, this is not a problem as there audience already knows where the information is. They also don't expect any reward and therefore can put content whenever they have new information.

For the person trying to get his information or product to an audience, it is not so easy. It is a constant struggle to find content that's good enough and unique for your blog. The good thing is with experience you learn very quickly how to find content and where to look for it.

How hard is it to start Blogging? 

For a blogger that is just starting out this can be a tough task which consumes a lot of time. Once again there are many places on the web where you can pick up tips and you will find content. 

To retain the audience on your block you must keep the following in mind regarding content: 

  • It must be fresh and up to date. 
  • It must supply the audience with useful information. 
  • It must be presented in a simple way. 
  • It must be unique to your blog or you won't stand out from others in the same niche. 
  • It needs to be creative in order to capture the attention of your audience. 

Once you are confident that you know what you want to bring to your audience and where to find it the task becomes much simpler.

Can I make money from my Blog? 

In order to be a successful Blogger, you have to look at the essential components of blogging and what it takes to reap some benefits from it. 

Every Blogger at some stage will look at monetizing the blog in order to feel the reward for all the hard work put in. Once the money start coming in the blogger gets into high gear. At this stage, money becomes a motivator for those who would have normally given up by now.

But it is also the stage that the blogger must become more creative and work with a plan in order to keep his audience. In the normal business world, you will call this customer retention. Consistency and frequency of quality product are what keeps the audience on your blog. 

Don't let the money be the only motivator or the quality of your content will suffer and you will lose business that you have worked hard to obtain.

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