Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Experience the Joy of Blogging

have fun blogging


This is a question that most bloggers ask themselves once they realize that they enjoy writing about certain topics. Why can't I just stick to commenting on other people's blogs and still get the benefit of being recognized as a professional in my niche?

The answer is simple. Yes, you can enjoy recognition by commenting on blogs but does it give you the same kind of satisfaction you would've had if you are in control of the content? By leaving a comment on other people's blogs your statement is seen as only an opinion and not an experienced viewpoint.

Yes, your opinion can be valued by many other visitors to the blog but they still see the operator of the blog as the real authority on the topic. Unless you have your own blog which you are promoting through your comments other readers might not take you seriously enough.


There are a few reasons why people prefer to comment on other blogs instead of having their own. Some of these reasons are:
  • Time constraint prevents them from running a full-time block. 
  • People leaving comments does not have enough experience on the topic to have an expansive blog on the subject. 
  • Most people are afraid to fail and therefore will not attempt blogging as a hobby. 
  • People do not recognize the value of blogging and therefor do not start their own. 
As you can see from the reasons above it will be hard to take anybody falling into these classes as serious. Visitors to blogs can see when the block master has put an effort into the content in order to convey his knowledge and experience to the readers.


But you still want to know why you should start your own blog? You can only experience the joy of blogging once you start putting an effort into creating content that you can share with others. 

As an experienced blogger, I can only share my reasons for enjoying what I do and I know that there are other bloggers that might have different or additional reasons why they blog and enjoy it. 
  • It is a way of expressing your thoughts by being creative. 
  • It is the sense of ownership. 
  • It is the challenge of building a successful block that receives recognition from its readers. 
  • It is the sense of satisfaction that you receive from reader feedback. 
  • It generates a healthy state of mind and can turn you into a positive thinker very quickly. 
  • It can also be relaxing as a hobby. 
The learning experience that you go through while trying to establish a well-designed Blog with good content is satisfying on its own. There are so many new things that you can learn while exploring the web on creative writing, content creation, search engine optimization, social media marketing, et cetera.

Start exploring the world of blogging today and you will see new doors open for you. Find your niche and start writing, sharing your thoughts with others. Very quickly you will make new friends and connections that share your thoughts and feelings. It will take you away from the normal nine to five drag you find yourself in and keep your thoughts totally refreshed.

Many bloggers will tell you that their whole lives consist of creating content for their readers and while occupied with other things it is all they can think about. This is the first sign that you are hooked and thoroughly enjoy what you are doing as a blogger. When last did you discover something that put you in this frame of mind?


There is nothing wrong with the feeling of enjoyment and you too can experience it if you want to put the effort into it. Some people go cycling, some go hiking, some do gardening and gets full enjoyment from their activities. It is no different with blogging. It is an activity that you can enjoy and possibly even turn into a full-time business depending on your niche.

So don't tell me that it is not worth a try or doesn't sound exciting. Anybody can start a blog and there are many helpful resources on the web that can guide you in the right direction. It is the one activity that there will always be an overload of assistance for you and you will never be alone. 

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