Sunday, February 24, 2019

Make money online as an Upwork freelancer

Upwork freelance opportunities

Upwork has become one of the most popular places to find extra income while working from home. The nice thing about online work is that it does not matter who or where you are from as long as you deliver value and quality.

Are you an existing blogger or do you just like to write? It does not matter as there is a lot of content required for paying customers. Be a part of those high performing niches and learn while you earn.

The categories of freelance work opportunities are numerous and if you are up to it you can make some good money here. There is an opportunity here for anyone whether you stay at home, unemployed or even just plain bored and wants to make extra cash.

Starting off your freelancing

The good thing about Upwork is that it is free for beginners and you can upgrade as you build your work profile and you get confidence in your ability to supply work requests as required. One thing you must know as a newcomer is that as with any professional work you will be required to deliver within the parameters that were set by the job offer.

For some, it may be a daunting task if they took on more than they can deliver and very soon you will give up when you realize that the work pressure from real life is very much the same here. The good thing is that you can choose and if you choose wisely it should not be a problem.

The secret about freelancing is time management and you must always be aware of your ability to fit into your daily activities some time that you can spend on completing tasks assigned to you. By being persistent and delivering on time you can build up a very trustworthy profile on Upwork which will ensure that there is a constant flow of work coming your way.

You have to be serious about doing some real work and also treat it as a real home-based business to be successful. Plan your Upwork attempt as if you are starting a new business and you will reap the benefits over the long term.

Types of work assignments

It is important for the beginner to know that there are 3 types of assignments you can find on up work.

Short term tasks that are small money but can be completed with little effort. 

One thing to note about these tasks is that you do not have a lot of time to complete the work and it is important to grab the offer and complete the task immediately. 

Although you will only earn a few dollars for each task it is the perfect way to build up a trustworthy profile that will lead to bigger and higher paying opportunities over the long run.

A common mistake beginners make is to get greedy and ignore the small dollars. This is where you will take on jobs that you cannot complete or you will provide poor quality content that will not be good for your work profile. 

My advice is to start small and grow big.

Recurring projects is the second way of working as a freelancer. 

This you can aim for once you have gained experience and know how Upwork operates. This is also the stage where you are stepping up your business to provide a more stable income.

Many of the advertisers on Upwork are established businesses that need ongoing support to survive. Medium and large corporations are not excluded so you will have a good chance that one of them will see the quality and consistency in your work. 

You might find some serious work offers to come through these channels.

The final type of work offer you can get is a full-time work contract

Build your profile to the right level where business can see that you are serious about what you do and your knowledge in their niche adds significant value to their daily requirements.

At this stage, you will know that you have built yourself a successful home-based business that can provide you with an income that is sustainable.

Work experience counts for freelancing

The great thing about Upwork is that you can set up your profile in a way that will ensure that you get work that suits your need. 

The type of work you end up with will depend on your experience level and it is important that you stick to the level that you are comfortable with.

There are three basic levels of experience that you can operate within.

Beginner level is the level where we all start in order to build ourselves a reputation and a profile worth building on. 

I have already said this is small money but it can be consistent and very profitable depending on the time you are willing to put into your business.

The intermediate level is where you step up to due to the experience you gained and the knowledge of knowing that you can perform to standard. 

You will find at this level that expectancies are higher but you can understand it as the Advertiser will pay more to get the job done.

The expert level should only be attempted if you are a professional in a specific niche and you have ample time to put out quality content. 

There is big money to be made at this level but attempting it too soon will put the freelancer back into is 9 to 5 job working for a boss.

The good thing about this is that you have control over what you take on and what you feel comfortable with. Most of us will end up on the expert level but only after many years of experience with freelancing.


Upwork is for freelancers who are serious about their work from home business.
 Consistency and quality will make you a much-needed asset in the business world and it is possible to build a life-sustaining business from it.