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Proven Blogging Techniques That Work

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Part-time Blogging for busy people

We as bloggers spend a lot of time on research trying to find techniques that work for our blogging experience the best. 

After looking at all the options on the web I have come to the conclusion that there is no real technique that can guarantee success for your blog.

In short, there are a few techniques that you have to apply to ensure that you are in-line with what bloggers are doing right. The whole idea of having a good Blog is to be creative and not be restricted to a certain secret recipe. 

There are however certain things that you must pay attention to if you want to monetize your blog and attract the right audiences.

Provide the best content your readers are looking for on a website

The most important technique that you will observe from successful blogs all that they have plenty of content that are relevant to the audience they are intending to attract. 

Everybody knows by now that content is king and the consistent posting of useful content will ensure that readers return time and time again to your blog.

Readers come to your blog in order to find information that will benefit them and provide them with information that will help them to solve a problem. 

If they don't find what they are looking for they will move off somewhere else.

Creating the right content is a bit like reading the mind of your visitors and you must know what they will come and look for when visiting your blog.

Be sure that you have a specific niche

The next technique is not to confuse the reader by not having a specific niche. Trying to attract a specific audience to your blog is more difficult unless you intend to have a total variety of information you would like to share. 

It is easier to focus on a specific audience if you have one singular niche for which you can supply informative content.

Unless you are a news blog and mixed content is expected you must make sure that the audience knows exactly what they can come back for at a later stage. 

It is good to let them know about upcoming posts so they can return for more information.

Be consistent in your content delivery

Consistency is very important for a blogger. Your audience gets used to the quality of your content and the frequency with which you make it available. 

Let your audience know what to expect and when to expect it.

It is something we as part-time bloggers are very guilty of because of time constraints. If you are pressed on time rather do weekly or monthly posting but be consistent. 

Too much posting can also be annoying if it is not brand new information never heard of before.

Create appealing content that keeps your visitors busy

As the web is mostly a visual experience it is important to create visual content that is captivating as well as informative. 

A person to your blog is more likely to hang around and explore if he finds the visual content pleasing and entertaining.

Not all of us are masters with Photoshop but there are free and paid resources on the web that can be used to create a visual experience for the visitor.

Marketing your Blog is important for attracting visitors

Be sure that you spend a lot of time on marketing your blog by means of social media and other available marketing channels. 

If you can spend three times as much time on marketing than you spend on creating the content, which I must say takes a lot of time and effort then you will eventually succeed. 

Most of your successful Bloggers have been going at it for years before seeing any significant results. You will find the one that makes it in a short space of time has spent nearly every second of the day blogging and it a financial cost on top of it.

Also, be sure that you do some homework on SEO as it helps with rankings and search engines. If people can't see you they won't know that you are there.

Call to action advertising builds your audience quickly

A final technique that is common among bloggers is to engage people through a call to action strategy which will build up a guaranteed following on which you can focus your efforts better and safe time. 

This puts you in a position where you know exactly who your audience is and what they need from you.

Call to action examples are from as simple as asking people to subscribe to complicated such as e-mail marketing strategies and free giveaways. 

This will depend on your audience and what you have to offer.

Experience in Blogging only comes with time and effort

As you gain experience you will find there are many other techniques that can be used. But for a part-time blogger like me, the first priority is to ensure an appealing blog experience to my audience.

At the end of the day, you must do what you have the time for but it must be focused on your long-term strategy. 

A common mistake blogger make is to jump around trying to imitate others instead of focusing on what you want to achieve.


As a Blogger you must know that the old saying " What you put in is what you get out " is 100% applicable in this case. It is a simple recipe that is difficult to maintain but being persistent will ensure you have a good blog that your audience will enjoy.

Question: What makes you revisit specific blogs on a regular basis?

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