Friday, May 4, 2018

What Every Blogger Ought To Know About Headlines

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Do You Struggle With Creating Headlines?

Sooner or later during your blogging career, your mind will start playing tricks with you. That is when you start wondering if your headlines are good enough. Even if you are anything like me who do not follow SEO strategies but do it for my pleasure the issue will still come up.

I have always come up with headlines in a way I feel I would've searched for it on Google. That was good enough for me. After running for a year and not many hits coming through I decided to follow the trend of how others are creating headlines.

What is the advice from professional bloggers?

Looking at the advice of content marketers there are a few things they are convinced that we can do with our headlines create more traffic more traffic. Here we will look at a few of them.

Tip # 1: Include Numbers in your headline

Every one of us has seen this trend developing on the web and even though it is quite annoying it seems that it might work. Everywhere we look we see "5 Best Movies of 2017", "10 Best Ways to comb your hair", "3 Best Dance Moves in Wonderland".

It does become a bit much for someone like me who does a lot of research on the web. My first thought when seeing a headline like that is "Do I take it seriously or is the author just copying someone else's ideas? Don't get me wrong I have used it myself but can't say if it works.

Maybe it has a psychological trigger for readers. I'm not sure but now apparently it was proven also that uneven numbers have a higher success rate.

Tip # 2: Punctuation as part of the headline

Now there is a school of thought that claims that having some form of punctuation in your headline makes it more searchable. I suppose years ago Paul Simon would've had to name one of his songs "Leaving your lover?: 50 Ways to do it" instead of "50 Ways to leave your lover". If not he would have never made the charts. So using hyphens and colons is what we can attempt on the next post.

Tip # 3: Attention-grabbing headline

Well at last something that makes sense. The attention span of a reader or as a matter of fact any human being is very short so it is essential that your headline must make an impact at a glance.

Tip # 4: Not too short and not too long

The headline must be long enough to build in the necessary keyword or two. Some say because readers scan a headline three to six words is ideal but it must not exceed 60 characters or search engines will shorten it.

Tip # 5: Evoke an emotion

There are many ways bloggers describe this but it comes down to the old sales tactic. Create a need. This is done by telling the reader why they need to know this information. Things like that create a feeling of guilt that they do not have knowledge.

How long before I can see blog visitors?

It often as in my case happens that you have tried everything but still it seems that no-one notices your post. Blogging is all about patience and a lot of other actions the blogger must take in order to be noticed. My advice is to be patient and just keep on creating content. 

This way once you are discovered and you have the content your visitors will keep coming back.

Question: Do you believe the choice of your headlines made a difference to the success of your blog?

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