Thursday, September 13, 2018

Why you should be doing email marketing

Grow your business with an email marketing campaign

Somewhere along the line when you start a new business you will be asked what the purpose of a business is. 

The immediate response from most people is " To make money " and although very few will admit it straight out like that it is true.

But the more sensible purpose we are taught since the beginning of time is that the main purpose of a business is to have customers. 

This makes more sense as with no customers you will not achieve the end goal of making money. Sorry to disappoint you but making money is an end goal and not a purpose. 

The customers that you drive to your business will take care of you.

A Quick reminder of how you used to market your new venture

Going back not so long ago we used to stand on corners handing out thousands of flyers, dance around with swing boards or revert to the only other option out there which was the printed media. 

Still, remember how you rushed down to the local newspaper office to make the weekly deadline?

Then came television and radio advertising but this was out of reach for most new businesses because of the cost involved.

The problem with all these methods was that the advertising was on the most part hit and miss as it was not that easy to pinpoint your customer base and the idea was that the more people you reach the better chance you have on getting the right person to respond. 

This could turn out to become costly.

MailerLite Email Marketing for Small Business

Enter the world wide web and all problems were solved or was it?

Benefits of EMail marketing

There are many benefits when it comes to internet marketing if compared to the past and the most important I think is the fact that you are now able to define your audience better.

If your online marketing strategy is done correctly you will be able to reach your potential customer easier than you think.

Setting up your website for your new venture plays a key role in the process as it is a way of getting potential customers on your e-mail list. 

This is used to communicate your product or service importance to someone who has already shown interest. 

This is where a well-organized e-mail marketing campaign can bring you the best results.

There are many benefits of an email marketing campaign such as:

  • Specific targeted audience - You can be selective in who you are targeting, therefore, no wasted time and cost.
  • Product-focused - You can get the customer connected with a specific product or service without leaving them to guess.
  • Cost Effective - The number of people you can reach per dollar outlay is much higher than you would've in traditional marketing.
  • Automated software - Software doing most of the work for you. Never miss a deadline again.
  • Responsive Feedback - You get instant feedback on the success of your marketing campaign.
  • Unlimited Creativity - It allows you to be creative in the way you present your product and service based on your choice and not that of a third party.
There are many other benefits that you will only become aware of when you get into the game of email marketing.

Do your own email marketing and become the master of your destiny

With the software applications available to you today it is as simple as ABC. 

If you can operate any software application on your computer or smartphone you are in business. All of the software applications come with written and video tutorials that will get you going quickly.

Soon you will become a marketing guru yourself and wonder why you haven't been doing this years ago. Anyone can do it and you won't need a marketing department to achieve success. 

Starting off small for free and upgrade as you grow your business is the whole idea.


Advertising has changed dramatically and online marketing is turning into the biggest business we have ever seen. 

The conventional methods are dying quickly although it still has a place out in the market. 

EMail marketing might be one of the oldest online methods but it still has the most benefits if used correctly.

Question: How much are you currently spending on marketing?

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MailerLite Email Marketing for Small Business