What is blogging and can I do it?

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What is blogging? Some people do not know what blogging is and therefore never had an attempt to create content for their own blog. It is however now becoming more popular because of the work-from-home opportunities created.

What is blogging and can I do it?

  • Is blogging easy for beginners?
  • The steps for setting up a blog
  • Waiting to see traffic to your blog
  • Marketing your blog
  • Monetizing your blog
  • What if my blog fails?
  • What is Blogging - Conclusion

Is blogging easy for beginners?

Many people who are new to the internet come across plenty of websites and social media that hint at running a blog as being the ultimate money maker on the web. Many of us will immediately jump into the deep end and slap together a blog because that's the easy part.

But is it really that easy to become a daily blogger and still attract an audience that can make you successful?

No blogging is not easy but it can become more manageable as experience is building up. Writing is easy but definitely not blogging as there are too many aspects related to blogging that you must keep in mind.

There are also a lot of outside factors that can affect the performance and the reach of your blog.

The steps for setting up a Blog

Now what? You have set up your blog, picked a nice name, and tweaked all the settings but you are still not sure what all this jargon means. You will first have to familiarize yourself with the complete blogging process before starting your quest to become a daily blogger.

To teach you that blogging is not easy the internet itself made sure to throw some barriers in your way. A quick browse of the web for ideas and you are now even more confused than ever. 

If you have started with a niche idea you would by now have changed your thoughts a few times about niches. Ok, you must find your niche and after further browsing, you lose it totally. You give up and come back after a few days convinced you found your niche.

Further browsing reveals that whatever you want to say has mostly been said already and you start doubting if you can contribute anything new. You decide to go for it anyway and tap away at your keyboard pouring your knowledge out into your first post.

Get used to this feeling because when you become a daily blogger you will feel the same way every time you sit down and start writing.

Build your website!

Waiting to see traffic to your  blog post

Don't get your hopes up too high in the beginning because your audience is not going to magically appear overnight. Checking at least every hour to see visitor behaviour and views can eat up some time. Rather spend that time researching or writing your next blog article.

After the first week, you might see no response and wonder what went wrong. I celebrated the first 5 views I received on the first post for at least a week before I realized it is still on 5 views.

You write another post thinking the first one was not good enough and wait again. Still a poor or no response. Back to the drawing board and you start spending a lot of time browsing the web to find out where you are going wrong.

Now you are getting it. Blogging is not easy and becoming a daily blogger will require a bit more work than one or two blog posts.

Marketing your Blog

A-ha you think by now. The key is in marketing your blog on Social Media so everybody will know about it. Now it is time to read some more articles and watch some more movies to learn about social media marketing.

You spend at least two or three weeks joining social media networks, discussion forums, and other places you think people interested in your topic will hang out.

You will also join websites to create backlinks, list your blog address or check keyword generators. You will be soon forced to become an SEO expert to at least get a ranking for your blog.

Still not much and you feel like giving it up so that the Seth Gordon guy you read about can have it all. It is here that you start realizing that you need a lot of good content and it must be good. It does not need to be new but it needs to be different.

You start thinking more clearly about the whole journey as a daily blogger and start planning your approach to better content. Now you have seen the light and you can start looking at other bloggers' content. Study the way they represent it and how they share their knowledge.

You can now write better content and you can feel you have more structure in your madness. You find out that big successful blogs get people to write for them and you are on your own. Well done you have just come to realize that you are in for a rough journey.Namescheap Special deals

Monetizing your Blog

Already you have more confidence even though your views have not moved upwards much. I can do this you think in anticipation of traffic rolling in and start searching for affiliates that will pay you for clicks, views, and purchases.

Still, nothing much happens and you were so busy "making money" that you didn't notice most affiliates won't even look at you if you don't generate at least ten thousand views per month. If you thought blogging was easy then wait till you get into affiliate marketing.

Not a problem you think. I only need to get another 9900 views to my site and I'm in business. After six months of time well spend and writing at least two posts a day you give up and do something else.

If your motivation is to monetize your blog then stick to the plan. Be a daily blogger that turns out good content that is useful to your audience and in the end the results will start showing quicker and bigger.

What if my Blog fails?

So what if your blog fails to make you millions? You have just spent some good time doing the hard work in learning that blogging is for anyone with a will to succeed and a passion for writing.  You have acquired some very useful skills that very few people have and it is something that can be applied over and over until you achieve success.

The purpose of blogging is to share useful information with others who need it. Think back and recall how many articles you have gone through in the last couple of months and what you've learned from them. Reset yourself and do it again then you will see that now blogging is easy.

Well done you have found the purpose of blogging and if it is meant for you you will carry on with daily blog posts. The web is overloaded with information and the difference is the presentation which comes from experience. Every time you fail will make you better at blogging.

You can fail in blogging but you can gain experience in failing time and again. Most successful daily bloggers have been at it for years before they made money. 

It is a bit like the music industry. You make that one song that starts a frenzy and makes you famous, you have a one-hit-wonder that does not last long or you persist as a middle-of-the-road artist and live forever.

What is Blogging? - Conclusion

Blogging is one of the most efficient ways to get an online presence for your content or brand. It forms the basis on which online businesses are built.

You can turn your recreational blog into a full-time business by focusing on quality content for your visitors. It is a form of building up a trusting relationship between yourself and potential buyers of your product or service.

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