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Finding your niche for blogging

Topics for bloggers

As you must realize by now planning your blog is crucial and this blog was written so you can eliminate time-wasting errors and get on with the job. Don't write just for the sake of writing. I will try and work through step by step to get the planning done and get you into writing as soon as possible.

Finding your niche or theme for your blog

It all starts by knowing what you want to share with the world out there. You have some would be bloggers that are fortunate as they know what it is they want to share with others. But before you start to have a look at which type of blogger you want to be.
  • A casual blogger who wants to share personal experiences on a variety of topics.
  • A casual blogger who wants to share information as a hobby on a specific topic.
  • A blogger who wants to blog to enhance your already existing business.
  • A blogger who has extensive knowledge on a specific topic who wants to blog for profit.
Do a bit of soul searching before you start your blog as it can either be fun or hard work depending on which of the above you intend to be three months from now.

I want to be a casual blogger blogging for fun

Sharing your personal experiences can be satisfying if you have a variety of topics. Just keep in mind the blogger in this category will rely on accidental traffic. It does not mean you will not be noticed as later on, you will learn how to use keywords and Search Engine Optimisation to make your blog visible.

It also depends on what you are sharing and how often. If it is a once off, road trip in a foreign country it might be a topic many will enjoy. Travel, food, and entertainment will remain favorites among browsers especially if they intend having the same experience soon.

These blogs do not often receive repeat visitors due to the changing content. Most online visitors look for topics that can provide answers to specific questions they have.

I want to be a casual blogger blogging on a specific topic

Some bloggers might be happy just to blog about something they are passionate about and like to share with others. There is no wish from the blogger to get rich from it but it is rather like bragging that they can do it and you can't.

Once again it depends on the topic and how readers relate to your passion about it. It doesn't mean if you like collecting baby shoes and show off your collection people will not look at your posts. depending on your level of expertise you might even have repeat visits.

Remember there are many on-line browsers that are looking for ideas to steal and improve on. If they find baby shoes is a good idea they might follow you to see what is next. Here we think of hobbies and the difference between just sharing and making it a niche is the level of commitment you are willing to put into the topic.

I want to start a blog that will support my business

This type of blogger already has either an online or physical business off-line that needs to be supplemented with a blog. The purpose of this exercise will be to make use of the blogger's ability to post and share content at an ongoing pace without affecting the official website.

Because of the summarised information of articles many readers prefer to browse through a blog than to spend a long period sifting through your website. It is easier to put noticeable content on a blog than on an official business site.

Web surfers have become lazy and like to see information at a glance. For example how many people will make it to page two or three of your website? Page three might be the product page you would like to show off but the viewer already got distracted on page one and moved on.

With a blog, this product can be upfront if that is the main purpose of your blog. Summarised information on the service you provide can be seen in a scan of the eye before the visitor wants to move on.

I want to make money with my blog

This option is for serious bloggers but you don't have to start off as one. The purpose of these type of blogs is normally based on expert advice sharing and a sustainable flow of information on specific topics. In other words, it is something others look for in order to improve or expand their knowledge.

It is important to find the one thing you are passionate about as it will motivate you to keep it going for a long time. That is what is needed to build a solid blog with potential income properties. Content and passion.

Making some money from your blog very seldom falls into the category of "Quick Cash". It is a lot of constant hard labor. We all know the saying output equals input and it has never been truer than in the case of blogging. 

Remember unless you sell something from your blog that is unique you are dependent on affiliates to make some money. The only way to do this is to create traffic flow to your blog. That is where the hard work comes in and marketing becomes your main aim instead of your passion for writing.

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