Sunday, June 17, 2018

What is your blog stats telling you?

analyse your blogging stats

What are Blogger stats?

The biggest problem with new bloggers is that they pay too much attention to building their blog too quickly. We all get caught up in joining everything that looks like it can attract an audience overnight instead of focusing on what we have in front of us already.

Let's face it, the stats that you find on Blogger could have been done better but guys like me don't have time to get drawn into too much activity. Keep it simple but give me more is my motto when it comes to blog stats. Stats available will give you a good idea of what content is popular, who is your audience and when do they look at it.

It is up to you whether you want to go deeper into SEO and keyword usage but believe me as you build up the knowledge you will revisit your blog post and update. I found it a good activity when my creative juices are low and I experience some writer's block.

What stats are available on Blogger that will help the beginner?

Click on your Stats link in the left-hand panel and it will open up your overview page.

In the top left, you will see a graph indicating your activity. The time period for your stats can be changed in the top right drop down box and you are able to select by day, week, month and all time. Not much use for this part of the stats unless you have a massive amount of traffic and it looks pretty. (Mine is OK for me)

Monitor your blog activity and views

On the top right you will see your page views for your blog according to timelines.

This is more useful in the sense that by looking deeper into it you will see when your blog is the most active and you will soon see that timing your posts for your audience play a crucial role. If social media is your main source of traffic it is of even more importance to post at the right time as social media posts have an impact duration of at most 30 seconds and it becomes old news.

How do you know which blog posts are viewed?

On the bottom left is an overview of your most viewed posts.

Here you will see how the top posts perform and also as in my case which topics are the most popular. If you want more detailed information you can click on the "More" option and you will see all your posts. My most helpful stat view for planning and creating new content based on audience preference.

How do I know who is looking at my blog post?

Also very useful if you want to see where your audience is coming from.

At first glance, it does not tell you much but if you once again click on the "More" option you can find some useful stats on how your audience got here. By the way, I am not into Vampires and I only found out later Vampirestat is a web crawler looking for links.

It tells you what URL referred the reader to you, from which website the traffic came from and what keywords they used to get here.

How do my visitors get to my blog?

The last piece of stats provided is where your audience comes from geographically and what platform they use to access your blog. To get more detail once again click on the "More" option.

It is helpful if you are unsure of the layout of your blog. If you see most visits are from mobile devices you will make your blog more mobile friendly.

For a beginner, these stats can be very helpful and is more powerful than first thought. With time you will learn how to use it effectively and which areas you will need to find assistance in collecting more information. If you are a blogger like me doing it for fun then this should be more enough to get you started.