Saturday, July 21, 2018

3 Easy Ways To Make Blogging Faster

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No time to Blog is the problem

Every part-time Blogger I know has come to a stage where he wants to know how to fit the time in to create new content as often as some of the big boys in the business. It is not easy for a part-time blogger to turn out 6-7 blog posts in a day and still maintain the quality of the content.

This is, of course, depending greatly on the niche that you are in but you still sit with a problem or finding those extra precious minutes that you can sit down and lay down your content in blog post form.

Let's face it after blogging for quite a while you realize that there is only one way to attract attention and that is to create content. 

Valuable and informative content is the key to creating an audience and generate lifelong followers.

Content is the key to success

This is where a part-time blogger becomes innovative and use any resources that are available to speed up the content creation process. 

Forget about buying PLR content or other content thinking it will improve your situation as it might do more damage than good to your content. 

Rather do some work on creating a content strategy that will grow your blog and make your blogging experience a pleasure.

The most important thing about blogging is to put the time in and create content your audience will find helpful and informative.

3 Ways of speeding up your content creation

I have found that there are three ways which help me to create content quickly without sitting for hours every day.

Tip Number 1

Spend some time planning what content you are intending to put on your blog by using a mind map starting with an overview of your block niche and expand from there into smaller topics. 

Breaking down your content in this way makes it easier for you to think about new topics and the headlines you can create.

By doing this you can easily build up a list of hundred or more block post topics that you can create over time. 

It also gives your blog an organized feel and makes it easier for your audience to follow what you are doing.

Some of your audience will come back if they know what direction you are heading in and it will create an expectancy that they must come back later to see if you have covered what they are looking for.

As an example how often did you go back to older block posts of others where you have previously found some useful information, hoping that what you are currently looking for might also be part of the content of the blogger that has helped you out in the past.

Tip Number 2

The Next Step in creating my content quicker is to sit and create draft posts of all the headlines I have created to date. 

It can take me a whole afternoon to create 50 or more drafts like this and to encourage me to come back I also put the effort into place my main graphic on the draft post.

What this does for me is wonders as for when I have the time to do some writing I do not have to go and wonder what I will write about. 

Logging into my blog I can immediately start going at whichever headline appeals to me the most from the draught posts created.

I also carry a list of these draught post headlines on my smartphone so when I do have a couple of minutes I make use of it by at least starting the introduction on each post. 

The other option is to log straight into your Blogger app and start creating something that will enable you to follow up on quicker once you have the time to sit down and complete the post.

Tip Number 3

Finally, something that I have already done on my other block called Productivity By Design is the use of Speechnotes to write my blog content much quicker. I was so impressed with Speechnotes that I have even put together a small tutorial on YouTube video for you to use if you are interested.

For you who do not know what Speechnotes is, it is an online dictating software where you can dictate your content into the mic and Speechnotes will convert it to text which you can copy and paste into your blog posts.

Using this in conjunction with Grammarly makes it so much easier to enter your blog editor and prepare the post to a stage where you are ready to launch.

Well, hopefully, the above 3 tips will help other part-time bloggers like me to become more efficient in what you do and provide useful content to your audience on a consistent basis.

For your blog to grow continuously remember it is important to be consistent in posting new content in order for search engines to recognize and put your blog into the rankings.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

How We Improved Our Blog In One Week

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How long does it take to improve your blog?

At some stage, during your learning curve as a Blogger, you will find there is not much happening on your blog. How do you get past it and how long will it take to get over it is the two questions that you will ask yourself. 

The answer is that the longer you think about it the deeper you will fall into the low activity zone. We have already discussed how much hard work it takes to maintain a connection with your audience and also how important content is. 

Here I will share with you three things I have done before to help my blog revive itself and start generating more traffic within one week. All it takes is what we have said - Hard work. 


Refresh your content 

I presume by now you have been blogging for a while and you have a fair amount of Blog Posts already. What I have done and what I suggest is to revisit your older content and refresh it by adding content or changing the original content. Rewriting it is not necessary but rather apply what you have learned about SEO and keyword optimization.

Add a call to action strategies to encourage readers to subscribe and comment so you can get feedback on the quality of your content. it also serves to see what is popular with your audience.

Refresh your links 

Once you are satisfied that your new keywords are linkable sources for newer content you can insert these links to guide your audience towards fresher content.

Also, look at your external links and remove dead links or link to fresh content. Often what was trending then is not trending anymore or it no longer exists.

Refresh the visuals

Look at the format of your old posts and the graphics you have to engage your audience. See what is trending on popular sites and go one better. New graphic designers can be very innovative and the quality of graphics changes as quickly as technology does.

It is a good time to update your graphics to more eye-catching but relevant visuals. Depending on your niche the inclusion of infographics, audio, and video is becoming more popular and can increase your visits.

When you are finished you will notice the increase in visits to your blog and you will be inspired to create more content for your audience.

QUESTION: How do you improve on old content?

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