Saturday, July 7, 2018

How We Improved Our Blog In One Week

how to improve your blog

How long does it take to improve your blog?

At some stage, during your learning curve as a Blogger, you will find there is not much happening on your blog. How do you get past it and how long will it take to get over it is the two questions that you will ask yourself. 

The answer is that the longer you think about it the deeper you will fall into the low activity zone. We have already discussed how much hard work it takes to maintain a connection with your audience and also how important content is. 

Here I will share with you three things I have done before to help my blog revive itself and start generating more traffic within one week. All it takes is what we have said - Hard work. 


Refresh your content 

I presume by now you have been blogging for a while and you have a fair amount of Blog Posts already. What I have done and what I suggest is to revisit your older content and refresh it by adding content or changing the original content. Rewriting it is not necessary but rather apply what you have learned about SEO and keyword optimization.

Add a call to action strategies to encourage readers to subscribe and comment so you can get feedback on the quality of your content. it also serves to see what is popular with your audience.

Refresh your links 

Once you are satisfied that your new keywords are linkable sources for newer content you can insert these links to guide your audience towards fresher content.

Also, look at your external links and remove dead links or link to fresh content. Often what was trending then is not trending anymore or it no longer exists.

Refresh the visuals

Look at the format of your old posts and the graphics you have to engage your audience. See what is trending on popular sites and go one better. New graphic designers can be very innovative and the quality of graphics changes as quickly as technology does.

It is a good time to update your graphics to more eye-catching but relevant visuals. Depending on your niche the inclusion of infographics, audio, and video is becoming more popular and can increase your visits.

When you are finished you will notice the increase in visits to your blog and you will be inspired to create more content for your audience.

QUESTION: How do you improve on old content?

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